Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary to Branch 40 Penticton Royal Canadian Legion was chartered in 1928.  It was known then as the British Empire Service League.  Through our fundraising efforts, we are proud to offer our local 788 British Columbia Dragoon Army Cadets continuous support.

Objectives of the Ladies Auxiliary:  The Auxiliary assists Branch 40 in all fund raising events as well as  assisting Veteran and their families.  Monies raised from annual bazaars, teas and other fund raising activities helped to furnish Branch 40.  The main project being the kitchen, lounge and the Memorial lounge.

Membership:  This has varied over the years.  The Auxiliary is now an open Auxiliary where in former years you had to be sponsored by a Veteran to join.  Now everyone can join as a member and enjoy the fellowship and friendship that the Auxiliary offers.

If you are interested in joining the Ladies Auxiliary, please come into the office and fill out the Ladies Auxiliary application.  After your application is filled out, you will be contacted to review your application with members of the Ladies Auxiliary and asked to attend a meeting.

As there are fewer Veterans to assist, both Branch 40 and the Ladies Auxiliary support several community charities as well as awarding bursaries and scholarships to local high schools and college students.  Find out more about the Bursary Program here.